Anxiety Management Toolbox

Below, I’ve listed a number of symptoms that people who have anxiety may experience, along with some tools you can use to manage those symptoms. We will discuss these issues further during your psychotherapy session.

Symptoms: Helplessness about anxiety, fear of anxiety

Symptoms: Anxious thoughts and feelings

Symptom: Physical feelings of anxiety, agitation

Symptom: Health worries and anxieties

Symptom: Rumination

  • Tool: Mindfulness meditation when practiced regularly decreases the tendency to ruminate.
  • Tool: Enhancing self-compassion. Try mindful self-compassion meditations here or here.
  • Tool: Distraction can be a great tool for dispelling rumination. Here are some suggestions.

Symptom: Avoidance

Symptom: Disrupted sleep

  • Tool: Maximize the quality of your sleep habits. We call this sleep hygiene. Read about it here and here
  • Tool: Avoid LED screens on phones, tablets and computers before bedtime and when awakening at night. The blue light can disrupt your sleep. If you must use them, turn the brightness down to the minimum. Here’s an article to learn more.

Symptom: Problematic relationships, with responses of anger and/or passivity

Symptom: Stress from Parenting

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